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  • Macomb County Educational Article of the Month - How to Keep Raccoons Out Of Garbage Cans

How to Keep Raccoons Out Of Garbage Cans

How to Keep Raccoons Out Of Garbage Cans

Raccoons love to dwell in human structure so as to gain access to variety of foods available in the trash and garbage can as well as in the dumpster. The Macomb County animals can cause serious messy in your house by tipping over the garbage can and scatter entire Macomb County area with the useless material in the trash can. That is why you need not to give them the opportunity to even go near your garbage can if you do not want to deal with messy environment all the time. What exactly can you do to deter the animal from coming around your garbage can?

Make Your Garbage Can Impenetrable By Raccoons
The first thing you need to do is to focus you attention on your Michigan garbage can and make it impenetrable to raccoon. For that reason, you have to make use of metal garbage can designed with lid that can be locked in a particular place. Since Macomb County raccoons can chew through plastic can, you should not consider a plastic trash can an option when you want to completely keep raccoons out of your dwelling. Ensure you do not leave your trash can exposed without cover.

Drop a Large Stone On Top Of Your Covered Garbage Can Lid
With the intelligent and dexterous nature of Michigan raccoons, they are likely to open a bottle as well as close trash can if not closed very well. For that reason, to make frustrate their effort, you have to ensure that you place a heavy stone on top of the closed trash can or use a cramp to Macomb County home the garbage can with the lid in one side.

Spray Ammonia inside Your Garbage Can
Raccoons do not like the smell of ammonia mainly on the place they want to forage for food. In that regard, you can deter them from your garbage can by simply spraying all around the interior of the can with ammonia. This odor is always offensive to them keeping them from tipping over your garbage can.

Place Your Garbage Can in a Secured and Enclosed Area of Your House
You can easily keep Macomb County raccoons out of your garbage cans by keeping the cans away from their sight. That means, you can keep the cans in the basement or inside your garage to ensure that the animals never find the can. If you place your garbage can in a place where nothing will enter without door being opened, then you will be rest assured that you garbage can is completely secured from raccoon infestation.

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